Court Data Consulting Services


At GSS, we facilitate the acquisition of Court Information to Legal Application Providers, Law Firms, Title Companies and other businesses, to ensure our Clients obtain the right information, in the right format, in the most timely and cost-effective manner. 

We handle all communications with the Court and Clerks of Court so our Clients can focus on their business. 

We engage with Court Administration, Operations and Technical staff to ensure that your requirements are understood and met. 

We work directly with the Court and Clerk of Courts to develop data dissemination policies and products that support fulfilling our Clients’ requirements.

At GSS, we assist  Courts, Clerks of Court, Law Firms, and other businesses to improve the efficiency of their operations, replacing outdated manual processes with automation and outdated technology with state of the art software tools and solutions.

At GSS, we assist our customers in managing change to ensure that they achieve benefits as planned and maximize their return on investing in innovation.


  • Facilitate the cost-effective acquisition of bulk Court information  (i.e. Electronic Dockets, Court Calls, Imaged Court Documents);  
  • Provide Consulting Services for companies seeking court records to improve value proposition for their customer base;  
  •  Provide Cost Reduction / Cost  Recovery Assessments, and Auditing Services; we assist law firms and other companies reduce research and litigation costs and improve efficiency to increase revenues and improve their overall bottom line; 
  • Assist Courts and Clerks of Court in planning, designing and implementing technology and operational improvements;  
  • Assist Law Firms in planning, designing and implementing technology and operational improvements; 
  • Assist Courts / Clerks of Court / Law Firms in evaluating and selecting software solutions and tools.